Welcome to the Ghost Posse Website

If it ain't breathing, and ain't leaving, we will find it.

We are a non profit professional paranormal investigation group based out of Reno, NV. We use professional equipment to attempt to find any evidence of paranormal activity. We are a tight knit group trying to prove or disprove, scientifically, whether an establishment is haunted. All of our investigators are trained and certified for accuracy and have extensive knowledge in there field. We do offer references upon request so be sure to ask!

Our Promise

Ghost Posse Inc. is a professional group dedicated to presenting you, the client, with the truth. We promise to never fabricate evidence to promote ourselves, to never present you with half truths and only present evidence in its base form. We will always conduct ourselves professionally on and off investigations. If we investigate for you then you can be assured that any evidence found on location and during review will be presented to you in a timely fashion. Our clients are very important to us, so they are treated as family and not as customers. All Ghost Posse Inc. members are carefully selected to insure quality and promptness. If you decide to invest in us, we can promise you the best experience to be had.

Paranormal Classes

We are very excited to announce that we here at Ghost Posse will now be offering classes on the paranormal. The class will be teaching you about the equipment most commenly used during paranormal investigations as well as how to conduct the investigation itself. With over 10 years experience, you can be sure that you get the best education possible. Classroom size is limited so be sure to sign up now to get in. Email us on our contact us page for more information or to reserve your spot in the class.


Website Donations

Please help us keep this website running.

Although Ghost Posse is a non-profit organization, the kind company that allows us to host this website, and reserve the domain name, doesn't really care. So that means we still have to give them money for kindly allowing this website to exist. So with that said, I would just like to ask that any donation would go a long way as to keeping this website alive and running for anyone who might need it in a pinch, or for those who find its content informative and useful.

Ghost Posse Updates

  • Ghost Adventures has officially accepted Ghost Posse into their ranks. We are members of GAC's west coast team and our name can be located on their website.

  • The American Ghost Society has accepted us as affiliate members and we are proud to be apart of the AGS.

  • Scatterjaw has accepted Ghost Posse as a rapid response team. We proudly post this badge to help you identify us as being quick to respond to you when you need us.

  • Ghost Posse now has a Twitter page! Be sure to follow us in order to get up to date and instant information on events, investigations, and website updates!

  • Ghost Posse is on facebook now! Well we have been for a while but come join us and see what you missed!

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