Private Residence #3

Private Residence #3

Sparks, Nevada

Paranormal Experiences

We were approached by one of the residences of this house that had reported her bed being violently shaken while she slept at night. Scared by this experience she requested we go in and investigate it. When we talked with her further, we found out other mysterious happenings, such as a balloon that would follower her around the house and appear in other rooms after being locked away. Reports of strange noises also occurred during the night, and there was several witnesses to all these claims. On the preliminary walkthrough the investigators grew curious as to the houses strange layout and construction. There was a stairway that led to no were, and a seemingly secret area behind a wall in the basement.

We had set up a couple stationary recorders, and a stationary camera before starting the investigation, as well as a couple motion sensors in the more active locations. In addition we had a handheld camera and a couple recorders that we used for EVP work. During the investigation, the group had heard several noises that we could not debunk, including footsteps. The one thing we did not experience was the beds shaking, although we did have a gel sensor set up which would show us any vibrations. However this was inconclusive. In the end, we presented what we got and allowed the client to form her own opinion.


  1. This first EVP was not only captured by our recorders, but all of us investigating heard the noise. When we went to investigate, we found nothing that could duplicate the sound.
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  3. This EVP was captured by our stationary recorder in the main bedroom, if you listen closely you can faintly hear someone or something say "Mommy."
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