Private Residence #4

Private Residence #4

Spanish Springs, Nevada

Paranormal Experiences

In order to protect the privacy of the client, we can not disclose any history about this investigation. So the reports from this investigation was hearing of loud noises, same time every night, the household pet acting strangely around the front door, and even a full body apparition.

This investigation we decided to focus on two hot spots, the main bedroom and the garage. We set up a stationary camera in the main bedroom and one other in the living room looking towards the front door. Also, we had one handheld camera and several digital recorders used for EVP work. In addition, we set up a stationary digital recorder in the office.


  1. While doing EVP work, we often get answers through what we call a Frank's Box. In this case we got the name Chris, and asked about it when we got this whisper.
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  3. Later on, we noticed that less and less was happening, so we asked if their was anything still around. After reviewing the recordings we found this voice saying something we can't make out.
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  5. In a seperate room, we continued for EVP's and got the word Six through the Frank's Box, just after we got these strange noises.
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  7. This last one is probably the strangest EVP we have captured yet, with what sounds like a whistle and then a voice right after. We still don't know what it says. (If anything.)
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In the following video, every investigator was sitting around the master bedroom for a final EVP session. With everyone stationary, and the camera zoomed into the bathroom on the floor, we can not dismiss what you will see. In the video, not only does the camera seem to be moving, but along the door frame you can see a shadow constantly moving. To be sure it wasn't one of us, we had checked with the stationary which was in the corner of the room overlooking all of us, not once did any investigator move like the shadow insists.