Private Residence #6

Private Residence #6

Douglas, Nevada

Paranormal Experiences

The private residence we investigated had claims of Shadows standing in the doorway, being scratched and even slapped, so we came in, set up our camera's and had a lot of EVP sessions. We weren't lucky enough to capture anything on video, but we did get a few good EVP's. This was definately another great investigation.

These are only a few of the EVp's we captured at this location, including; "Good job." "Get back." "Joey" and a loud noise that sounded like an explosion.


  1. A faint echoing boom can be heard in this one, as well as a voice saying something like, "Good job."
  2. Click here to listen.
  3. It's kind of hard to tell, but we think this voice says "Get back."
  4. Click here to listen.
  5. We all came to a pretty unanimous decision on this one where the voice says, "Joey."
  6. Click here to listen.
  7. Hard to tell what was going on here, but it sounds like something dragging along the hardwood floor.
  8. Click here to listen.
  9. Here is another dragging noise, however we also captured a very faint whisper in this one. No clue what it says.
  10. Click here to listen.