Private Residence #7

Private Residence #7

Fallon, Nevada

Paranormal Experiences

Some of the reports for this investigation were voices, giggling from a child, and laughing. Also the clients reported their bedroom door would open by itself however this was reported only to happen in the early morning.

During the Investigation

While investigating we had several hits in response to questions on the K2 meters. We also had a spirit box that would respond to questions as well. While performing a live EVP session, (An investigator wearing headphones to listen to a live feed of what the digital recorder was recording) we heard some EVP responses that couldn't be explained.


In the following video, you can see us playing several EVP's as well as hear the spirit box respond to our questions. At the end you will notice a loud bang in which no investigator reacted. The only logical conclusion being that the bang itself was inaudible to the investigators but luckily the digital recorders and the camera picked it up.