Black Tangerine Bar

Black Tangerine Bar

Reno, Nevada

Paranormal Experiences

The reports are from several bar patrons and employees. Even the owners have had their own paranormal experiences. Their were rumours of shadows walking around the establishment and voices could be heard when no one was around.

At this location we had set up two stationary cameras, couple of K2 meters, and several digital voice recorders. While we didn't get any EVP's worth posting on this site, we did capture some gripping video and several hits on the K2's.


In this video you can see a shadow walking across our laser grid. We had set it up in order to try and capture any movement. This particular shadow was at the end of the investigation when the team was breaking down equipment and loading it into the vehicle. The laser was placed just behind the cameraman who was knelt down in front of the bar. No one could have broken the lights without touching him as his back was against the bar and the laser on the bar. Also anyone who would break the grid in front of him would have a bunch of green dots on them, as shown in the earlier part of the video.