Bowers Mansion

Bowers Mansion

Old HWY. 395 South, Carson City, Nevada

The History

Bower's Mansion was built in 1864 by Mr. and Mrs. Bower's. After building their home they travelled the world for many years to furnish this beautiful estate. For years there has been many accounts of paranormal activity in this mansion. We were contacted by Bower's Mansion when they decided to do the first annual ghost walk, and asked if we could show up to help out, and possibly gather some evidence for them, and of course we jumped at the chance.

The Findings

Our first investigation was on 10-19-2007, where we had our first experience. During our outside tour, our first stop was what used to be the old hot springs, where we did get a single photo of many orbs. It has been rumored that a small child fell into the water here and drowned, but no conclusive evidence has ever been found to confirm this. Next we moved inside where our Lead Tech was standing in a doorway that had a skeleton hanging, as a Halloween decoration, when he felt something pass through him. At this time he asked if there was anything there, and could the presence please move the skeleton, as we stood there with cameras running, we were all stunned of what we were watching, as the skeleton slowly spun in a circle on the string that it was hanging from, and stopped.

Our second investigation took place on 10-26-2007. This date was very significant to the building being that it was the 104th anniversary of the death of Mrs. Bower's. This part of the investigation we were allowed to go upstairs where the rooms of the family were located, although we were not allowed to publish any pictures on this site for security reasons. As we stood in front of Persa Bower's bedroom and playroom we ran our EVP and cameras. Upon reviewing our evidence we found that we had recorded the sound of a child playing in the room, but it is so faint that we could not post it here.

Next we went outside to the front porch where we recorded temperature fluctuation of 42 degrees to -25 degrees. When the park rangers noticed that we had found this cold area, they were glad to see us there, as they told us that several park workers in the past have had personal experiences in that exact spot. Unfortunately, due to our limited time alone in the mansion, we did not obtain any EVP recordings that were worth posting here. OH well, maybe next year. During the ghost walk, guests were allowed tours of the house, and of the grounds. Guests were also taken on tours to the cemetery, which is located in a secluded spot about 200 yards up a narrow path to the rear of the property. The cemetery holds the remains of the Bower's family. Thank you to the staff of Bower's mansion for the opportunity to help out with your ghost walk and for allowing Ghost Posse to do our investigation. Look for us to come out every year!