Chapin House

Chapin House

Virginia City, Nevada

The History

Built in 1862 in Virginia City, Nevada. In the yaer 1875, there was a great fire that consumed over half the town, and they used this particular house as a triage center for burn victims. They also used this house as lodging for nearby miners of the Comstock. It is said that there is paranormal activity as far as full body apparitions of a woman standing on the stairs. An apparition of a child in the upstairs loft window of the home has also been seen. The current owners told us stories of having their feet played with while sleeping, and constantly having personal belongings moved to different spots within the house.

The Findings

During the time we spent here, we noticed many strange smells, and a lot of cold spots in the upstairs loft. Most all of our team members had feelings that a presence was there, and sometimes we encountered strong EMF signals throughout out the house for brief periods. During our time here, we encountered strange double exposures of our digital pictures, and we had several pictures of strange red mist. We also noticed that there were pennies, dimes, and quarters that were constantly being put in different places throughout the house, but we were never able to get any kind of photographic evidence of this activity. Later the next day, our lead tech found a un-circulated new penny from 1970 in his gear bag that was not there before. One of our team members found a picture laying face up on the stairs, which dated back to 1970, of a small boy. The owners did not know where the photo came from and had never seen it before, or the boy , and had no idea the significance of the year 1970. This house has much potential for paranormal activity, and we will definitely be visiting it again in the future. Several EVP's were also obtained from this location, and are posted in the EVP section on this page.

Ghost Posse would like to thank the owners of the Chapin House, for letting us come into thier home, and for extending thier hospitality to us durring the long hours of the night. We look forward to coming back again!


  1. Our investigators try to get a spirit to knock, asking once the spirit says, "No." twice then asking it to knock again it finally does.
  2. Click here to listen.
  3. We ask if the spirit is here with it's family, we believe it responded with "Yes."
  4. Click here to listen.
  5. We ask if the spirit can hear us and again it seems to say, "Yes."
  6. Click here to listen.
  7. We ask if the spirit is angry with us being there and two voices came through, "No." and "Yes."
  8. Click here to listen.