Chollar Mine

Chollar Mine

Virginia City, Nevada

The History

The Chollar Mine was established in 1859, and was claimed by Billy Chollar. It was 1400 ft in length and 400 ft wide, the same size as it's nearby neighbor, the Potosi Mine. In 1861 the Potosi Mine hit a vein that was actually in the Chollar Mine. This started a four year lawsuit that finally ended in the Chollar Mines favor. On October 25, 1867 a very large cave in occurred which claimed the life of one man named Patrick Price. Mr. Rassette, one of the Companies Trustee's and a proprietor of the Rassette House in San Fransisco, lost his life when the lowering cage brake was released, thus causing the cage to fall killing him instantly. The Chollar Mine was the #5 most successful mine in the Comstock as far as money made. Now open to the puplic, daily except Friday from 1pm-4pm. Summer hours include being open on Friday from 1pm-4pm, the mine once gave tourists who came to Virginia City, guided mine tours for over 40 years. The current owner Chris Kiechler has owned the mine for 29 years, and has had many personal experiences of what he believed was paranormal activity.

The Findings

Ghost Posse arrived at 9:00pm at the Chollar Mine on May 3, 2008 with five team members. We were amazed at how deep this shaft was, and how little clearance there was above our heads. Back then, to work in this mine, a 5 foot tall person would have had a hard time standing up. We were only allowed in one part of the shaft, since the other areas were not safe, and we were happy to just be there, so we made our command post in the back where there was a fairly large room, where the last of the drilling was done.

We decided to work in teams of 2-3 people since it was such a tight area. Our 2 Lead Investigators went up the tunnel first, with one other team member to see what we could find in the tunnel. Both of our Leads thought they had seen a shadow of someone walking, at this same time they both had a personal experience of being dizzy. We then had everyone go into the tunnel, and at one point we even had small rocks being thrown in our general direction. During a couple times during the night we even heard whispering but were never able to pin point exactly where these mystery voices were coming from. After going through all of our evidence we did have a few EVP's, which are posted below. We want to thank Chris Kiechler for allowing Ghost Posse to investigate his mine. It was a great experience, and we had a wonderful time.


  1. Our former founder Monique is searching for a headlamp when we catch this EVP. It sounds to us like the spirit says, "We have lights."
  2. Click here to listen.
  3. This sounds to us like an adult female or perhaps a child crying after one of our investigators asks it to show itself.
  4. Click here to listen.
  5. To this day we can not figure out what this EVP is, perhaps if you can hear what we cannot you can contact us.
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