Dayton Cemetery

Dayton Cemetery

Dayton, Nevada

The History

This is one of the oldest cemetery's in the state of Nevada, and the most maintained. Graves here go back as for as 1861. In fact, one of the most famous people buried here is Old Virginny or James Finney, who was one of the original founders of the Comstock Load in Virginia City, and later sold his claim for $50 before dying in 1861, having the town of Virginia City named after him. The Pony Express trail used to run right through the cemetery on it's way to downtown Dayton, and in fact the California Immigrant Trails can still be seen here. The cemetery also holds the first and only man ever executed by hanging in Dayton's history. This cemetery has extreme moments of paranormal activity, and is a very good location if your looking for activity.

The Findings

The first time this cemetery was visited, was by our Lead Tech and a friend of his, back in 2006. While roaming through the various plots on the grounds, they came across a plot where 4 family members had been buried, including a male child of 10 years old. After taking several pictures of this family plot, they noticed that a strange blue mist had started to emit from one of the headstones. After several minutes, the mist began to get more and more dense. During this time they both noticed, that the temperature was rapidly dropping, and battery power on both of their camera's was failing. At this point, both of the investigators began to get very scared, and started to walk down the path to leave the cemetery, while taking a few last pictures on the way out. At that time they noticed that no matter where they took a picture, the blue mist, though not as dense, was following them. Whats really interesting, is that this mist was not visible to the naked eye at the time the pictures were taken, it was only visible on the finished pictures during the review process on the digital camera.

Shortly after these events, the next year, all members of Ghost Posse visited the cemetery again. The first thing we had seen was a huge white owl perched atop a large headstone, and then flew away as we tried to approach to take a picture of it. We visited the grave with the blue mist, and took a little time to try and communicate with the family. Although no photographic evidence was obtained, all members of the team felt extreme cold temperatures, and uneasiness. Our Lead Tech heard whispering at the foot of the stairs, and a male voice telling him to "Go Away". Due to the fact that this was an outdoor location, and that the wind was blowing, clear EVP's were not able to be recorded.

After several months, our Lead Tech went back to look at the pictures from the first investigation, and was stunned to find that there was what looked like a small boy standing on the railing of the family plot, and looking at the camera. Take a look at the pictures carefully, and look to the left of the blue mist. Can you see him? A photo viewing program such as Google's Picasa2 can be downloaded for free, and can be used to zoom in on this area of the photo, and the child can clearly be seen. Freaky! The mist that was recorded, is believed to be some sort of Ectoplasm, and if you look closely at the orbs in the mist, you can see trailers coming from them, indicating movement, in different directions. Dust you say? Could be, the wind was blowing that night, but no other orbs were ever photographed that night!

Please note that these pictures have not been enhanced or tampered with. No fog was present at the time the photo's were taken, and nothing like humidity, flashlights, or cigarette smoke were used to fake this photo, as some would believe. We take evidence very seriously, and would never present fake or altered photograph's or EVP's to our customers. This is the real thing people! You can expect us to visit this location several more times in the coming years.