Learn about EVP's

About EVP's

Electronic Voice Phenomena

What's an EVP?

E.V.P stands for Electronic Voice Phenomena. This Phenomena occurs when the voices of a Spirit interrupt an Electro Magnetic Field,"E.M.F's", and in-turn using a digital voice recorder, reveals these voices where as before they could not be heard by a human ear. It is the same way with a dog-whistle, the dog in this case being the audio recorder. We as humans cannot pick up the sound of this dog-whistle because the frequency is to high. The dog, on the other hand can, because its ear drum is designed for hearing higher frequencies. The audio recorder uses digital electronic signals to record, so when an Electro Magnetic field is interrupted such as when paranormal activity occurs, the recorder can pick this interruption up. This in-turn effects the recording, and allows the spirit or entity to communicate with very little effort, and with surprising clarity...... i.e."E.V.P"

EVP Classifications

  • Class A - A clear and distinct voice or sound that is universally accepted and undisputed. It is clearly understood by all those with normal hearing and is clear without the use of headphones.
  • Class B - A voice or sound that is distinct and somewhat loud. Class B EVPs are the most common and be heard by most people. Experienced people can hear these without the use of headphones however those without a trained ear would need headphones in order to reach the same conclusion.
  • Class C - A voice or sound that is hard to hear even with headphones. Most times what is said or heard is disputable and sometimes not heard at all. These EVPs are often disregarded because of its unintelligible nature.

We as a rule do not post any Class C EVP's. All that we captured is found on the respective locations that we found them in.