Goldhill Minors Lodge

Goldhill Minors Lodge

Virginia City, Nevada

The History

This historic hotel is the oldest hotel in Nevada, and was constructed sometime before 1862, it is uncertain what the exact date is though. The hotel was first known as the "Riesen House". There were heavy floods in 1861/1862 that destroyed most of the building leavingn the main part standing strong. H.M. Vesey acquired the hotel in the 1860's and added the wooden part of the building, the name was changed to Vesey Hotel.

In 1887 the hotel changed to the "Capitol Hotel and Lodging", it was also used as a private residence, boarding house, and a hotel. Behind the hotel is a metal building called the "Miners Lodge", this building was built over the "Yellow Jacket Mine". In 1873 you could see smoke coming from huge smoke stacks from this building. This building was used by the Miner's to change and rest between their shifts. In April 1869 there was a fire at the 800 foot level of the "Yellow Jacket Mine". This fire took the lives of 34 men, and it burned for months. It is said that the spirits of these men still work the mines and go to rest in the lodge even after all these years. The main Hotel and Miners Lodge Room 18, are frequent spots to visit for ghost hunters, and still pay a great tribute to the past, and just how dangerous it was to be a miner.

The Findings

Many different accounts of paranormal activity in this location peaked Ghost Posse interest. Upon starting our investigation we tried table tipping with some success. The table did begin to vibrate making the candle shake. We ran EVP and IR cameras in many different locations. The most activity we had was in room 19. In this room all of our EVP batteries were being drained, and being drained fast. We changed the batteries about 10 times durring the course of the night, until we had no more batteries to change. We did have many personal experiences in this room also, such as hearing a conversation between many people, that 3 of our team members heard. Unfortunately our EVP recorders were down, and our cameras did not pick anything up either. After reviewing all of our evidence we found nothing to back up our personal experiences, which in not anything unusual, and thats the way it goes sometimes. In conclusion, we definitely believe that there is activity here, and you can bet we will be returning with more batteries next time.