Private Residence

Private Residence

Lemmon Valley, Nevada

The History

Private Residence in Reno, lead investigators Monique's house. This house was built in 1979 on an old lake bed called Swan Lake, and this area was completely under water in the 1800's, and during early times of this settlement, some residents were killed by flood waters. Flooding in this area can still be a problem for some residents today. Upon moving into this house the residents started hearing someone walking up and down the hall and there were also sounds of things being moved around. On occasion the children in the house would see things moving in the bedrooms at night, and things being moved from one location to another. On one occasion, our lead heard a child call her "Mommy", and no child was there at the time. Dining room chairs would also move across the floor on occasion.

The Findings

We started this investigation by setting up a motion sensor in the master bathroom, using infrared cameras throughout the house. We also used digital recorders to try and communicate with what ever was in this house. The motion sensor immediately started going off in the bathroom, shortly after we set it up, and when we checked the area, there was no explanation at all. Our Lead Tech also was poked with what felt like a finger in his back and on his shoulders during this investigation more than once, in several different areas of the house, and even heard his name muttered while he was alone in the bathroom. The cameras didn't pick anything up at all, and we could not obtain any photographic evidence during our investigation here, but our EVP recordings were a different story. We also used a Ouija Board, and found out that there were 4 or more spirits in the house, including that of a young girl. Since the investigation, the residents have moved to a new location, and the house now sits vacant, but the neighbors in the area have reported seeing shadows in the windows. This house would give all of our team members the creeps at times, and feelings of dread and uneasiness would often be felt. This house was very active for the years the residents lived there, and we just know that the new owners, if any, are not going to be pleased with their newly found friends from beyond.


  1. Our former founder Monique recorded this creepy male voice saying, "Water."
  2. Click here to listen.