Private Residence #2

Private Residence #2

Reno, Nevada

The Findings

On June 27th we investigated a private residence in Reno Nevada. The owner (Who wishes to remain anonymous) had told us that the door bell would ring very lightly yet no one was at the door. They also said that the books on the bookshelf sounded as though they fell however, they never did. Another report was that the shampoo bottle would fall from the shower shelf every morning at 4:59am no matter where it was placed. Not only that but the shampoo bottle was always the same one. This intrigued us enough to go ahead with an investigation.

We began as we do with all investigations, setting up our equipment in key areas of the house. We placed a digital recorder in the master bathroom, IR camera just outside the master bath facing into the bathroom; another IR was placed on top of the fridge facing the bookshelf. For this investigation we chose to bring in six investigators including, Petra, Tina, Elizabeth, Bert, Steve, and Susan. Once the investigation was under way, we had already gotten hits on the Franks Box that Tina was listening to. Immediately we started communicating, trying any way possible to get solid proof of an entities existence in that particular location. Although we failed to catch any video evidence, we managed to review the digital recorder and found several EVP's. We even stayed for the entirety of the night to see if we could catch the shampoo bottle falling, however we had no such luck. All in all we believe this location to have something in it, what or who we can't say.


  1. This particular evp was from the recorder in the master bath. It is a slightly long one, lasting about six minutes and during that entire time you could easily hear something or someone moving things. We also caught what sounds like a canine panting, water dripping, and drawers or doors closing and opening. The odd thing was, everyone including the home owner were outside.
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  3. This next EVP couldn't get much clearer then it is. There was no dispute as to what this one says. It was captured while we where in the master bedroom trying to see if the entities would make a noise, we tried by asking if they would like to play a game when we caught a male entity say "Nonsense".
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  5. We got this EVP about thirty minutes into the investigation. While our investigators were asking questions we cought this low voice of a male saying "Liar."
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