Silverqueen Hotel

Silverqueen Hotel

Virginia City, Nevada

The History

The Silver Queen has been noted for many different accounts of paranormal activity. So much in fact that the guests of the hotel, often complain about strange sounds during the night. The Queen has served many different purposes. The wedding chapel was once used as a make-shift morgue, when the ground was too frozen to bury the dead.

The Findings

Our first investigation was on 11-3-2007, and we were focused on the bar and the wedding chapel, and we were allowed to go upstairs to the storage area. In this location we all had personal experiences. We had thought we heard something moving around in an area that was over the bar. Upon entering this area one of our investigators thought they saw something move form the right side to the left side of the room. We did not find anything on video. We decided to move down to the Wedding Chapel to do a seance, to help whatever was there come through. At this time we had a phantom smell come into the room, and the smell was of musty, dirt smell, as if we had stepped into a mine shaft. Upon reviewing our evidence we found many different EVP's. One of the EVP's was during the time that we were smelling the odor. Our second investigation was on 11-16-2007. We started this investigation by setting up a camera and an EVP in the chapel, and we headed upstairs to the hotel rooms for the main part of the investigation. We investigated rooms, 11, 12, & 13, and we had cameras running the whole time. We also tried table tipping along with an EVP running at the same time. We reviewed all of our evidence, and only found a few unexplainable sounds on audio, and video did not reveal anything. The most activity we observed and heard was during the late hours of the night in our rooms, but we could not pinpoint the locations of them. Overall, we had a great time in the Silver Queen, and we definitely recommend this hotel if your looking for activity. We would like to thank the owner, Charles "Tiny" Carlson for letting us come in, and also to Darleen for taking such great care of us, and for being such a great hostess.


  1. Here we were taking pictures with our digital still cameras and apparently the flashes bothered the spirits. "The light."
  2. Click here to listen.
  3. Our investigator tries to get the spirits to make a noise or touch them when we cought this EVP. "I paid my dept."
  4. Click here to listen.
  5. This recording was from the wedding chapel where apparently a spirit is, "Working on the tunnel."
  6. Click here to listen.
  7. In the wedding chapel another spirit which we believe to be female says, "Close your eyes."
  8. Click here to listen.
  9. The last EVP was taken in the wedding chapel and is hard to hear but we think it says, "Help me."
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