Specialty Automotive

Specialty Automotive

Reno, Nevada

The History

Years ago this was a local Butcher Shop. Located in front of this shop was a bar & in between these two buildings was the parking lot of the butcher shop. Although we aren't sure of the dates, some time in the early to mid 1980's, two murders occured on this property, and the murder victim's where brothers. The story goes, that the two brothers where in the bar drinking getting pretty drunk and acting like most brother do. Upon leaving the bar through the back door, they found themselves in the parking lot. There was a van in that parking lot with a man and women sleeping in it. Feeling a bit inebriated, they decided to shake the van to wake up the sleeping couple. Feeling like his life may have been threatened, the man who owned the van woke up and with gun in hand shot one of the brothers dead in the parking lot, with the other brother running into the butcher shop to call for help, but unfortunately he was also shot and never reached the phone. Ghost Posse was contacted by the owner of the automotive service shop because he would hear voices, knocking on the walls, and on occasion, see the figure a mysterious man on the grounds.

The Findings

Although we did not find any evidence that we could capture on film other that a mysterious orange glow coming from inside the shop, we did manage to obtain several EVP's from the location, which can be heard below.


  1. Our Founder Petra asks for a name from the entity, it was then that we caught it saying, "Brandon."
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  3. Another investigator asks if any spirits need help when we caught this one saying, "Help me."
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