Tooele Hospital

Tooele Hospital

Tooele, Utah

Paranormal Activity

When we arrived at the Asylum, we then interviewed others who had investigated the building as to what they had experienced. Needless to say they had plenty of stories to tell us. They said that along with the usual knockings and noises, they had experienced shadows moving from door to door, always just out of view. Sheets on the patients beds would get messed up, doors randomly close or open without anyone near them. They took us around to all the hot spots and explained the history they had found about each room. Taking this into account allowed us to better set up our equipment.

We set up everything on this investigation, trying to leave as little room for mistakes or missed evidence as possible. We had four stationary IR Camera's hooked up to the DVR were they could be recorded for the duration of the investigation. We also used a couple handheld camera's. Splitting the group into several two man teams, we spread out across the building and did EVP work. Being that this was our first out of state investigation, we where very excited and over prepared.

The Findings

We found no evidence on Digital, or video. We did however get a few EVP's. A child singing or humming, lots of knocking, and a couple of voices that sound like a man saying "No" as well as something else we are not quit sure of. (Could be you'll see.)

It was our first investigation out of state. We had some problems on a personal level, but all in all it was a good investigation and a very cool place.


  1. Two investigators (Craig and Marleen) were doing some EVP work and they kept being interupted by some bumping noises. Only thing was that no one else was making the noise and we all heard it from different parts of the building.
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  3. In another part of the asylum our recorders caught what sounds like a "No".
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  5. This voice was captured while Marleen and Craig where in the temporary morge.
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