Yellowjacket Mine

Yellowjacket Mine

Virginia City, Nevada

The Findings

The New East Yellowjacket Mine was an outside investigation. We called upon ten investigators to partake in this. Eight from Ghost Posse Inc. and two from Full Moon Paranormal. Splitting off into several small groups we spread out to cover more ground. Every team had there own personal experiences which could not be documented, however we did document several deserving EVP's. The mine was right next to the railroad which is still currently in use by Virginia City. About two hundred yards of the railroad was covered and in this tunnel is were we found most of our EVP's. The rest of the area was tainted by wind and crickets. We had five digital recorders running at all times during the investigation, as well as four handheld video recorders and one IR stationary camera. Each handheld had two IR lights for a clearer picture. Also we ran a stationary recorder by one of the "Hot Spots". Even with all this equipment running there is never a guarantee as to whether or not you can get anything, so we are happy to present you with what we have. Full Moon Paranormal will present what they found on there website, so be sure to check it out.


  1. When we got this, there were three investigators just outside the far end of the railroad tunnel. We are not sure what was said either time.
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  3. During this time we were in the tunnel and Petra, the lead investigator was taking a picture. Right after the camera beeps a voice was discovered. Again not sure if it was saying anything however we had to post it.
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  5. A strange noise can be heard just before Full Moon Paranormal investigator Emilio asks about it.
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  7. Things just kept getting weirder and weirder. Just before Petra asks if the spirit can see her, what sounds like a growl or belch can be heard.
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  9. We had discovered that the spirits name could be Ned, so we started asking him questions. Just after Petra says Ned a bang can be heard. Investigator Ron hears it and immediately tries to quiet the team.
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  11. This one was a hard one to find, it was neatly embedded within the voice of an investigator. The investigators voice was removed to reveal this scream.
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  13. This one was caught outside the tunnel while the rest of the team was still inside. After carefully analyzing the voice we concluded that there is no way this was from any of our investigators. We couldn’t agree on what was said but the first word is definitely ”Stop…”
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